Experience in 400 implants and 50 sinus lift, and a theoretical certificate in oral implantology are required.

The participant will perform 5 mono-blocks bone graftings taken from the chin or ramus. Khoury technique can be performed if the instructor considers a benefit for the patient.

Participants will do whatever procedures they are assigned on patients in their offices. They will keep complete records on these patients, which must include at least the following:

  1. Patient consent and release form;
  2. Preoperative medical/dental history;
  3. Preoperative unedited radiographs, if indicated
  4. Preoperative mounted diagnostic casts, if applicable
  5. Preoperative unedited photographs
  6. Preoperative dental charting.


During treatment, records will be kept to demonstrate:

  1. Treatment rendered materials, methods, etc.
  2. Mounted treatment casts, if applicable;
  3. Photographs of treatment progress, if appropriate
  4. Radiographs taken during treatment, if indicated.

Upon completion of treatment:

  1. Unedited photographs of completed treatment;
  2. Postoperative unedited radiographs, if indicated.

In the end of the weekfriday at 13h, the group will reconvene with the program director, instructor and/or pre-designated evaluator to hear and evaluate participants’ 15-20 minute case assignment presentation and guide discussion with the group and relate this discussion to current literature for that topic.


Candidates must e-mail the following documents:

  • CV and a cover letter.
  • Copy of Title of dental practitioner
  • Copy of Title of Oral Surgery and Implantology education.
  • Copy of Civil Liability Insurance of the participant´s country.
  • Certificate of registration by the Dental Assotiation of the participant´s country
  • Copy of Passport

The price of every program is 10.000$ for USA participants and 9000 EUR for European participants.

A 1.000$/EUR payment must be done for the reservation of your place. 1 month prior the course 70% must be payed. 2 weeks prior the course the 100% of the fees must be payed.

The full amount will be refunded if the cancellation is presented by e-mail and its reception confirmed by the organization 1 month prior to the course. After this date, the organization will not refund the reservation fee (1000$/1000 EUR.), giving the opportunity to the participant of booking for the next program.
  • Trip from Madrid/Paris to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).
  • Trip from Miami to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).
  • Transfer from the airport Las Americas to the Hotel Dominican Fiesta ***** and way back.
  • Breakfast in the Hotel Dominican Fiesta *****
  • Buffet dinner in the Hotel Dominican Fiesta *****
  • Buffet lunch in the dental clinic.
  • Transfer from the Hotel Dominican Fiesta***** to the dental clinic and way back.
  • Trip insurance.
  • 50 hours certificate of hands-on course
  • 10 dental implants with internal connection
Participants must bring the following instruments:

  • Protection glasses (magnification lens with ligth are recommended)
  • Scrubs (one will be suplied by the organization)
  • Sport shoes (it is a marathon!)
  • Farabeuf and Langenberg retractors
  • Scalpel handle
  • Molt and Prichard periotomes
  • Periodontal probe
  • Universal periodontal curette
  • Lucas curette #85
  • Adson toothless tweezers
  • Mayo-Hegar needle holder
  • Scissors
  • External irrigation contra angle 20:1
  • External irrigation handpiece 1:1
  • Implant surgical boxes
  • Dental implants
  • Biomaterials (sintetic bone and collagen membranes)
  • Expander kits
  • External sinus lift kits
  • Internal sinus lift kits
  • Surgical drills
  • Osteosynthesis screws
  • Anesthesia
  • Disposable material


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