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International Hands-on School of Oral Implantology.

Hands-on surgeries

Hands-on surgeries. The participants will be working in small groups of two or three people, attending daily patients with different cases and necessities. Your instructor will introduce you the case with a panormic x-ray in order to discuss the treatment planning with you. Once the treatment planning is clear, one of the participants will start with the surgery while the other participant assists him.

Meanwhile, the instructor will supervise the procedure and support you. Once the surgery is finished, the next participant will operate the next case. After the surgery, a new panoramic x-ray will be taken in order to discuss the final result.

The participants will acquire new skills from the first minute, so that in the end of the week they will be able to operate by themselves.

Dr. Daniel Tafur DDS PhD is an expert in Oral Surgery and Implantology. He started his practice in oral implantology since more than 11 years on behalf of renowned maxillofacial surgeons and implantologysts. He has trainned more than 200 doctors from all over the world in hands-on programs, with a very high satisfaction of the participants. His favourite field is bone splitting and guided bone regeneration techniques for solving complex cases of vertical and horizontal defects. His main satisfaction is sharing his knowledge to other colleagues to create an enviroment of disscussion and look for excellent in the tratments, where the main goal is the benefit of the patient.

He can speaks English, French and Spanish.

Candidates must e-mail the following documents:

  • CV and a cover letter.
  • Copy of Title of dental practitioner
  • Copy of Title of Oral Surgery and Implantology education.
  • Copy of Civil Liability Insurance of the participant´s country.
  • Certificate of registration by the Dental Assotiation of the participant´s country
  • Copy of Passport

Dominican Republic is a wonderful enviroment for this program. His location, weather and amazing people are ideal for this marathon in live surgery. During this week you will experience an unique enviroment with other participants from all over the world where the main topic will be the surgeries that you performed during the day. We also are compromised with a part of the population who need oral treatments and do not have the possibilities to access to dental treatments. Our instructors can speak both Spanish and English languages, so we can comunicate with patients and participants.

Educational objetives

  • Provide to the participants with the skills necessaries to practice implantology on their own in three diferent levels: basic implantology, sinus lift and bone graftings.
  • Get knowledge about diagnosis, treatment planning and manegement of the patient during the surgery.
  • Learning how to work in team in the surgical room.

Over 200 More than 200 students endorse us

The experience of our students is the most important thing for us. Know them!

“The course has been very rewarding both personally and professionally. Ideal to lose the fear of surgery and gain skill. It would repeat and would recommend it without a doubt”.

Dr. Javier Ruiz - Sequera González, Spain

“A 100% recommendable experience. A good team, colleagues and teachers fulfilling all the objectives and expectations of the course. IT WILL REPEAT”.

Dra. Laura Cervero, Spain

The clinical stays in Santo Domingo  totally covered my expectations. We work with real patients every day doing the techniques they told us from the beginning“.

Dr. Feras Antanaus, Holland


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